Known for its wildly eclectic public art and renowned museums and galleries, Seattle is truly an art lover's paradise. From Downtown's Hammering Man statue to the visually stunning Bellevue Art Museum, a visit to any area of the city yields artful finds.

As the home of the nation's seventh largest population of artists, Seattle is bursting with one-of-a-kind treasures for serious connoisseurs and casual enthusiasts alike. Spectacular glass art is the city's forte, and there are a myriad of galleries exclusively for the glass art shopper that offer everything from Chihuly masterpieces to tasteful blown glass ornaments.

Yet, Seattle's flourishing art scene makes room for a diversity of acclaimed art, irrespective of genre. Fine arts of all media are well represented in the area's many galleries, and it's not uncommon to find locally handmade crafts and jewelry in numerous specialty boutiques around the city. The Seattle Art Shopping Guide is an excellent way to navigate through the best of the city's art scene, and, through the Artist's Showcase, purchase the works of local artists. If you are interested in having your new and exciting shopping venue included in The Seattle Art Shopping Guide, let us know by clicking here.