Headquarters of the campy and avant-garde, Capitol Hill is best known as Seattle's subcultural mecca. Artsy, flamboyant, and undeniably cool, the retail strip along Broadway is home to bookstores, cafes, arthouse cinemas, offbeat specialty shops, and a myriad of affordable ethnic restaurants. Venture away from Broadway, though and this hipster paradise fades into quiet, tree-lined streets dotted with stately mansions.

Yet, there's more to Capitol Hill than meets the eye, including Seattle Central Community College (named Best Community College by Time Magazine), the renowned Cornish College for the Arts, Seattle Asian Art Museum, Volunteer Park, and the infamous Lake View Cemetery (home to a handful of pop-culture celebrities).

Located at a pleasant walking distance from Downtown, the quickest route from Capitol Hill to Downtown, along Pike and Pine Street, is filled with swanky bars and cool boutiques. On the way is First Hill, Seattle's first neighborhood, now a small enclave of expensive high-rise condos, and surrounded by the city's five main hospitals.

Atlas Clothing Company
1515 Broadway [ Capitol Hill ] | ph: (206) 323.0960
Suddenly have a hankering for that Iron Maiden jersey you tossed out in 1990? Or maybe a fetish for loud polyester? Look no further than Atlas Clothing, a fashion goldmine for those who relish clothing from the late 20th century. You'll find old bowling shirts, vintage bell-bottom Levi's, and - if you prefer your clothes not previously worn - new clothes by Emily, Xlarge, and Dickies.
Lipstick Traces
500 E. Pine St. [ Capitol Hill ] | ph: (206) 329.2813
Lipstick Traces sells the kinds of things that you don't really need, but really must have. Funky purses, kitschy soaps, and fun, punky jewelry are just some of the great finds that make Lipstick Traces a hipster hot spot.
Capitol Hill QFC
4615 E 15th Avenue | ph: (206) 322.5020
QFC, Quality Food stores, this supermarket's location just a block from Broadway brings in a notably diverse set of shoppers. It has a full supply of groceries and specialty departments including whole health sections, pharmacies, pet centers and world-class perishables, such as fresh seafood and organic produce. A one stop shopping experience.
Acacia Florist
1221 E Madison Street | ph: (206) 322.8000
Acacia's flowers include long and short stem roses, orchids, floral arrangements in vases, and a variety of tropical flowers. You can also order greenery, sympathy arrangements, azaleas, and teddy bears. They deliver quickly to all the First Hill hospitals, as well as the broader Puget Sound area.
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