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Blair Discount Fashions
Newport News
Wit's End Bookstore
770 N 34th Avenue | ph: (206) 547.2330
Wit's End Bookstore features literature, cookbooks, children's stories, and a cafe. After making a purchase, Wallingford residents sit down in the tea shop for 30 kinds of tea, prepared in Chinese and English styles.
Heavenly Chocolates
Heavenly Chocolates is a small shop that concentrates solely on chocolate delicacies, and caters to a select clientele. The shop's specialty is truffles, but they also make delicious chocolate cakes and delightful chocolate Easter baskets.
Hawaii General Store
258 NE 45th St. | ph: (206) 633.5233
Owned and operated by a Honolulu expatriate, the Hawaii General Store has become Seattle's headquarters for all things Hawaiian. From tikis and ukeleles to Hawaiian coffee and gourmet items, The Hawaii General Store has everything necessary for luau planning or just adding a little "aloha" to your surroundings.
Swanson's Shoe Repair
2305 N 45th Avenue | ph: (206) 633.3434
Perhaps the city's best shoe repair shop, and certainly Wallingford's best, Swanson's has been here since 1945, reshoeing shoes, fixing boots, shining shoes, and polishing over scuffs. For do-it-yourselfers, there's a small retail area where you can buy shoe polish kits, shoehorns, laces, and waterproofing kits.
Steve's News
3416 N Fremont Avenue | ph: (206) 633.0731
Steve's News is Fremont's best place to find foreign and domestic magazines, obscure publications, calendars, refreshments, and local free papers. Steve's is right on the slope of Fremont Avenue, near the Ship Canal and Adobe Complex.
Urban Surf
2100 N. Northlake Way | ph: (206) 545.9463
Urban Surf is the type of shop you'd expect to find along a sunny beach boardwalk - not in a city where water temperatures are more akin to Polar Bear dives. But this doesn't stop the shop from being an excellent resource for Seattle's hardy watersports enthusiasts. Urban Surf sells and rents gear for surfers, windsurfers, in-line skaters, and has recently become one of the best places to find kiteboarding equipment and information. The shop also hosts sports clinics, and, of course, sells and rents wetsuits.
Sonic Boom
3414 N Fremont Avenue | ph: (206) 547.2666
Fremont's hipsters and cool musicians gather here to feed their music libraries with all genres of music. Concert posters, old record covers, and promotional materials line the walls, but most people are focused on the music stacks. Look through the electronic and locals sections for some really good sounds.

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