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Metsker Maps of Seattle
702 First Avenue | ph: (877) 623.8747
No matter whether you're coming or going - or whether you just need to know exactly where you are - Metsker Maps offers a myriad of ways to navigate your world. Metsker has maps for fishermen and hikers, adventurers and local tourists - and, really, anyone who has ever experienced a sense of awe at the vastness of the universe. There are historic maps, poster maps of outer space, wall maps of the ocean floor, and a colossal globe selection. With their selection of travel and phrase books, Metsker also simplifies the task of maneuvering within foreign cultures.
Torrefazione Italia
320 Occidental Avenue S. | ph: (206) 624.5847
In the heart of Occidental Square, with a decidedly European atmosphere, this café brews some great espresso and baked goods. The outside tables are perfect for conversations on a long summer day.
Liem's Aquarium & Bird Shop
511A Maynard Alley S | ph: (206) 624.0537
A cross between a tourist attraction and a pet shop, Liem's has an entire wall of aquariums that hold all kinds of fish, many of them from Asia. Liem's selection of fish and reptiles draws a mass of International District residents.
The Paper Cat
214 First Ave. S. | ph: (206) 623.3636
Cards, wrapping paper, and rubber stamps abound in this two level stationery shop, where none of the items come close to being commonplace. The shop also carries an excellent assortment of fine art calendars, invitations and announcements, and journals.
Arte Forma Designs
997 Western Ave. | ph: (206) 587.6663
Arte Forma Designs is a haven for shoppers who enjoy vintage styles, but prefer to purchase brand new furniture. The 3,000 square foot shop is filled with wonderful furnishings that reflect the styles of yesteryear, but come with none of the wear and tear.

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