Named after its early architecture, Queen Anne is a splendid neighborhood bursting with scenic views, regal homes, and an outstanding mix of shops and restaurants. Upper Queen Anne is graced with Kerry Park, a small strip of parkland with a view that overlooks Elliott Bay, the Seattle skyline, and (on clear days) Mt. Rainier. The shops and restaurants at the top of the hill - which include Trader Joe's, Thriftway, and The 5 Spot - serve customers with a down-home friendliness that belies their upscale goods and ambience. Shopkeepers here remember names and faces, and most of them even keep treats on hand for four-legged "shoppers."

Down below, in Lower Queen Anne, the shops and restaurants are always busy due to the bustle of pedestrian traffic coming to and fro from Seattle Center, the Opera House, and Downtown.

Queen Anne Thriftway
1908 Queen Anne Avenue N | ph: (206) 284.2530
At the very top of the hill, this could be Queen Anne's unofficial meeting place. Everyone comes here for produce, bread, wine, deli food, and other groceries. Their specialty departments, especially wine and floral, are stocked with a very impressive array of products.
5 Spot
1502 Queen Anne Ave. N. | ph: (206) 285-7768
The 5 Spot's specialty is American comfort food, but this doesn't make it just any old diner. In fact, the 5 Spot is anything but pedestrian. This is because the 5 Spot reinvents itself several times a year. You see, the 5 Spot is all about regional American cuisine, and aside from featuring a handful of dishes from all around the country on their regular menu, the owners spotlight specific cuisines during the year. Although all restaurants have seasonal specials, the 5 Spot takes it a step further. When they spotlight something, they go all the way. This means that when the menu changes, so does the scenery. When Brooklyn cuisine is on the menu, you can view the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty (or reasonable facsimiles) from your table. When it's Texas time, expect cowboy boots and armadillos. This is all-American dining at its best.
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