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Blair Discount Fashions
Newport News
City Greens
1120 NE 45th Street | ph: (206) 675.9232
Known for its big selection of fresh produce, which takes up half the store, City Greens also sells an assortment of natural groceries, and has started carrying a broad line of Asian groceries for the UW's growing Asian population. Look for their tulip displays every April.
The Maltese Falcon
9921 Aurora Avenue | ph: (206) 524.1940
The Maltese Falcon's stock of old, neglected, and rare movies dates back to before World War I, and covers about 4,000 titles. Each movie is accompanied by a synopsis of critical reviews. If you need to find an especially rare movie, The Maltese Falcon probably has it, or can get it for you.
Gargoyles Statuary
4530 University Way NE | ph: (206) 632.4940
Reflective of its funky surroundings, Gargoyles Statuary sells a mixed bag of non-traditional statuary for home and garden. From griffins and goblins to new age icons, the statuary here covers ancient and modern themes, and ranges from candle holders and planters to fountains and urns.
m.j. feet
4334 University Way NE | ph: (206) 632.5353
Founded in 1973 with 78 pairs of Birkenstocks and space in the back of a health food shop, m.j. feet is now considered the oldest and largest Birkenstock shop in the United States. The store has more than 400 pairs of shoes in stock at all times and also specializes in repair of worn Birkenstocks.
Cellophane Square
130 Broadway E. | ph: (206) 329-2202
Scott McCaughey of the Young Fresh Fellows worked there and Pearl Jam guitarist Steve Gossard once filled out an application. If that's not enough to convince you of this local chain's "indie credibility" check out the staff's "Best Of" lists that include everything from The Boredoms to Johnny Cash and Wu Tang Clan. You can find both new and used CDs at Cellophane Square, as well as frequent in-store appearances by local and touring bands.
2740 NE University Village | ph: (206) 985.7033
A retail store and spa in one, InSpa offers massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, and waxing - all in a straightforward spa environment. InSpa also sells gift certificates and the full line of inSpa products, and has a no tipping policy.
Buffalo Exchange
4530 University Way NE | ph: (206) 545.0175
Frequently mentioned in major fashion magazines, the Buffalo Exchange is one of the most popular second hand clothing stores in the nation. Among the racks, shoppers can find everything from the latest trendy labels to vintage styles. Buffalo Exchange's generous buying policy makes it a favorite among the fashionable and starving students.
Zanadu Comics
1307 NE 45th | ph: (206) 632.0989
Founded in 1975, when comic shops were still a novelty, Zanadu Comics has evolved from a small, homegrown shop to having two locations and a web presence. Comic book fans can find everything from Spiderman to Usagi Yojimbo and Jimmy Corrigan on Zanadu's shelves, as well as a good deal of comic-related collectibles. The shop also hosts signings and in-store appearances by popular comic artists.

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