A colorful, urban neighborhood that radiates small-town friendliness, Ballard is equal parts chic and provincial. Once the domain of Scandinavian immigrants, the neighborhood now attracts the artsy and upwardly mobile. Here, trendy boutiques and Scandinavian gift shops share the streets of Ballard's bustling retail core - and neither is worse for the wear.

Stroll down Ballard Avenue during the monthly Second Saturday Art Walk (or any weekend) and you'll find busy eateries, gallery openings and live music spilling into the streets from packed bars.
Of course, as home to one of America's largest commercial fishing fleets, it's only natural that Ballard has some of Seattle's best seafood restaurants, including the acclaimed Ray's Boathouse and Anthony's.

As for attractions, Ballard has everything from the manicured gardens at the Locks, to Golden Gardens' sand beaches, and the one-of-a-kind Nordic Heritage Museum - certainly enough to fill a busy day!

Just across the bridge from Ballard, is the neighborhood of Magnolia - home of the breathtakingly scenic, 500-acre Discovery Park, as well as West McGraw Street's stretch of delightful boutiques and restaurants commonly referred to as "The Village."

Magnolia's Bookstore
3206 W. McGraw St. [ Magnolia ] | ph: (206) 283.1062
Although it could easily fit within a single aisle of a megastore, Magnolia's Bookstore more than makes up for its size with its superb selection and customer service. The shop sports excellent fiction and children's sections, and as a Book Sense member, can order nearly any title not on the shelves.
5319 Ballard Ave. NW [ Ballard ] | ph: (206) 789.7312
The enthralling collection of aesthetically pleasing mid-century bric-a-brac and svelte contemporary furnishings, makes Re-Soul the ultimate boutique for fans of both 50s and ultra-modern design. Cool furniture by local designers and shelves full of vintage ceramics make Re-Soul wares accessible to shoppers of all budgets.
Great Harvest Breads
2218 NW Market Street | ph: (206) 706.3434
Hearty, large, country-style bread, in over a dozen styles, is served right from the ovens in back by exuberant employees, to a steady stream of Ballard's bread connosuiers. A small assortment of baked goods is available for lunch or breakfast, and one can eat them in the café-style sitting area.
5424 Ballard Ave. NW [ Ballard ] | ph: (206) 297.1460
Demonstrating classic Ballard élan, Grapes manages to serve what could be considered haute couture fare with graciousness and style. A wine shop and bistro in one, customers can taste, purchase, and dine all in one sitting. The menu is simple, but delicious, and features plates of imported cheeses, sandwiches, and salads.
All the Kings Flags
2000 Market Street | ph: (206) 789.0257
Selling flags from all countries and states, this unique store can help you express patriotic feelings for wherever you might come from. Or, get a flag to sail from your boat, like many of Ballard's mariners.
Lombardi's Cucina
2200 NW Market Street | ph: (206) 783.0055
Ballard's best Italian dining is right at the heart of Market Street, in a pleasant, pastel-colored building. The bar fronts Market, as does the dining area, where pasta dominates a northern Italian menu known for garlic. Upstairs is reserved for private diners and special functions.
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