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Blair Discount Fashions
Newport News
2320 NW Market St. [ Ballard ] | ph: (206) 782.6494
Far more authentic than Outback Steakhouse (members of the kitchen staff actually have genuine Aussie accents), MiYi serves the type of casual fare found in pubs and take-aways throughout Australia. Meat pies and a mouth-watering Pavlova are the main attractions, but the menu also includes a nice assortment of salads and sandwiches.
Java Bean
5819 NW 24th Avenue | ph: (206) 788.9677
Known as Ballard's best new espresso shop, Java Bean is simple, with a blend of drinks and bakery items, a small seating area filled with couches, artwork, funky chairs, and people reading, studying, playing, and talking.
Camelion Design
5335 Ballard Ave. NW [ Ballard ] | ph: (206) 783.7125
Camelion Design's handpicked selection of tasteful home accoutrements makes decorating easy and affordable. Shoppers will find an eclectic selection of candles, bath supplies, jewelry, and furnishings, some made by local artists.
Smitty's Barbershop
5819 NW 15th Avenue
Smitty's is a plain, old-fashioned shop with three chairs, a line of mirrors, and a group of skilled barbers. Located on Ballard's busiest street, it draws many long-time customers, and those who soon will be.
Best Regards
2242 NW Market St. [ Ballard ] | ph: (206) 782.6494
"Best" is the operative word for this stylish card and gift boutique, where it's evident that the inventory is selected with a discriminating eye. Cards range from the elaborate and handmade to the simple, but graphically appealing. Best Regards also stocks journals, jewelry, soaps, picture frames, and gift-wrap.
Sunset Bowl
1420 NW Market Street | ph: (206) 782.7310
The 26 bowling lanes, nicely equipped arcade, bar, restaurant, and karaoke three times a week make for a full bowling experience. Open 24 hours, Sunset Bowl draws a working-class crowd of people who love to bowl.
Marley's Snowboards
5424 Ballard Ave. NW [ Ballard ] | ph: (206) 782.6081
Street smart, but without an accompanying bad attitude, Marley's Snowboards is Ballard's local authority on snowboarding and skateboarding. The small shop sells new and used boards, and has excellent rental policies for those not quite ready to purchase. Marley's also sells Vans, Roxy clothes, and other necessary boarding gear.
Porcelain Gallery
2426 32nd Ave. W. [ Magnolia ] | ph: (206) 284.5893
A neighborhood shop with a worldwide reputation, Porcelain Gallery is known for stocking the very best in porcelain and other fine collectibles. Porcelain Gallery sells everything from dinnerware to figurines and carries brands such as Aynsley, Lalique, Hummel, and Waterford.

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