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Europe's answer to Sally Beauty Supply has crossed the Atlantic and landed on our shores. As the number one retail beauty chain in France, it's a given that the standards are high, and the stock exquisite. Sephora is like having the cosmetic counters of every department store under one roof - except it's better. Because make-up is organized by type or treatment purpose, instead of brand name, Sephora makes it easy to compare products. Nearly all the big brands are represented from Christian Dior to Club Monaco. And, just like at the cosmetic counters, Sephora offers free makeovers. Put simply: Spehora is absolute make-up heaven.

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2566 NE University Village
(University District)
ph: (206) 526-9110


141 Bellevue Square
ph: (425) 467-1337

Origins is a cosmetic company with a dedication to holistic wellness. Not only do all of their products contain aromatic essential oils and botanical extracts, but their dedication to beauty extends beyond make-up and into other areas, as well. In addition to hair care, skin care, and a full collection of cosmetics, Origins also sells such wellness oriented items as Reflexology Gloves and Socks, acupressure tools, massage books and tools, and even a "Mother Nature Approved" household cleaning product. Origins is a testament to the idea that healthful living and beautiful living can be one and the same.

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Bellevue Square
ph: (425) 452-9344

World's Largest Discount Fragrance Store. Discounts up to 50% off. 1,000 Brand Names, Perfumes and Colognes. Bijan, Halston, Giorgio, Chanel, etc. No Imitations or Knock-offs! SECURE ONLINE ORDERING. Convenient, Elegant, Gift giving service. Free Gift wrapping, Free Personalized message card and Free Gift with every order! The Lowest prices on the net!

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Meaning "knowledge of nature" in Sanskrit and "health" in Ancient Greek, Aveda is a hair care and personal care company that is wholly dedicated to individual and environmental wellness. The Aveda lines of natural based styling products, cosmetics, and bath products are utilized by salons and day spas the world over. Aveda stores also offer workshops on everything from stress reduction and home-spa techniques to make-up know-how and baby massage.

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400 Pine St.
(Westlake Center, Downtown)
ph: (206) 623-0766


1015 1st Ave.
(Alexis Hotel, Downtown)
ph: (206) 628-9605

(Also locations at Bellevue Square & Alderwood Mall)

If they weren't the first company to pay attention to social and environmental issues, they were certainly the first to shape their corporate image from them. As an international chain of beauty and personal care products, The Body Shop has not only managed to hold onto its hip image, but has never lost sight of its dedication to conscientious business principles. The Body Shop prides itself on its commitment to ecologically sustainable products and practices. Make-up and bath products are made from natural and renewable sources and can be refilled at the shop to cut down on packaging excess. But The Body Shop goes beyond the call of duty by supporting grassroots organizations and doing everything possible to keep customers happy, socially aware, and politically active.

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600 Pine St.
(Pacific Place, Downtown)
ph: (206) 624-4925

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