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One of the leading Wagnerian opera houses in North America, the Seattle Opera crystallized its reputation in 1975 when it was the only opera house in the nation to complete the four-opera Ring Cycle since the Metropolitan Opera did it is 1939.

Innovative and willing to take on challenges, the Seattle Opera has consistently had the highest per-capita opera attendance in the nation since the 1960s, partially due to its dedication to wooing new audiences. The opera's Adult Education Lectures, performance introductions and post-show question and answer sessions - in combination with top-notch performances -- have kept so many Seattlelites engaged and interested in the art form that a bigger opera house is currently in the works.

With its propensity for rainy weather, it's not surprising that Seattle has cultivated so many stimulating forms of entertainment! Featuring innovative art, cutting edge performance spaces, historic theaters, fascinating museums and a thriving nightlife scene, the city offers a profusion of ways to escape the gray skies and wet weather. Seattle's acclaimed opera and ballet consistently have the highest per-capita audience attendance rates in the nation, local theaters regularly produce award-winning plays, and local night clubs and bars attract top-notch performers and well-known djs.

And, for those who like their entertainment bundled, Seattle's many film, art, performance and dance festivals are some of the best in the nation. The city's many cultural attractions don't ignore families - in fact, in addition to the Children's Museum and the Pacific Science Center, nearly all of the museums have exhibits designed especially for little ones. With listings of the best the local scene has to offer, The Seattle Arts, Entertainment & Attractions Guide can help plan a night on the town or a pleasant afternoon of cultural exploration.

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