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EMP (Experience Music Project)
325 5th Ave. N. [ Lower Queen Anne ] | ph: (206) 770-2700

Another example of Microsoft millionaire Paul Allen's hip and quirky sense of philanthropy, the Experience Music Project is a tribute to rock 'n' roll like no other. Designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry, who garnered inspiration for the monolith by examining and cutting up electric guitars, the controversial building houses a collection of Hendrix memorabilia that would turn the Hard Rock Café

green with envy. But that's just the beginning.The operative words in the museum's name are "Experience Music" and that's exactly what Paul Allen wants visitors to do. With Mtv-esque performance spaces, a Sound Lab where visitors can jam on provided instruments and play with music technology, and computer assisted tours, The Experience Music Project is truly a museum that knows how to use multi-media to the fullest extent. In addition to the tech savvy displays, the museum runs a full schedule of music-related films, live performances, workshops, and panel discussions that are open to the public.

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Seattle's Best Tourist Attractions · Theater & Performance
Seattle Symphony
3rd & Union | ph: (206) 215-4747
Directed by Gerard Schwarz, The Seattle Symphony is the region's best source for classical music, and plays everything from Bach to Phillip Glass. The Taper Auditorium, in all its lushness, is a perfect stage for the rich strings of a Brahms symphony, while the Nordstrom Recital Hall hosts small music groups in an intimate setting with impressive acoustics.
Seattle Chamber Music Festival
10 Harrison Street | ph: (206) 283-8710
Each July, the Seattle Chamber Music Festival presents a variety of Chamber music for the serious music lover. Most performances our held at the Lakeside School in Northeast Seattle, where patrons enjoy picnics and boxed suppers on the lawn overlooking the open stage, and listen to the twilight sounds of trios, quartets, and octets.
Key Arena
305 Harrison Street | ph: (206) 684-7202
The Key is Seattle's venue for major pop concerts, from the likes of performers such as Janet Jackson and Shania Twain. Opened in 1995, and typically hosting basketball games, it's laid-out in two tiers, with the stage on the basketball floor, from which thousands of fans are treated to impressive acoustics and immense spectacles.
Summer Concerts at the Pier
ph: (206) 281-7788
Pier 62/63 started to host the hippest summer concerts in Seattle in 1991. Since then, many thousands have enjoyed the rhythms of, among others, Ani DiFranco, Lyle Lovett, and Patti Smith. The amphitheatre-like layout makes for great acoustics and an even better atmosphere.
Moore Theater / Paramount Theater
Moore: 1932 2nd Ave | ph: (206) 682.1414
Paramount: 911 Pine St. | ph: (206) 682.1414

Opened in 1928 as a vaudeville and silent film venue, The Paramount was once one of the most popular stops on the vaudeville circuit. Although the theater has been renovated to accommodate today's elaborate stage productions, its lavish interior has lost none of its elegance. The Paramount now hosts such diverse performances as Broadway plays, touring dance companies, jazz concerts, and Sesame Street Live. And, in staying true to its past, The Paramount hosts silent films (accompanied by the original Publix organ) on Monday evenings.

The Paramount's sister theater, The Moore, was built in 1907 and is the oldest remaining theater in Seattle. Smaller than the Paramount, The Moore hosts Off Broadway shows, contemporary works, and touring bands.
Seattle Opera
Currently Relocating | ph: (206) 389-7676 or (800) 426-1619
One of the leading Wagnerian opera houses in North America, the Seattle Opera crystallized its reputation in 1975 when it was the only opera house in the nation to complete the four-opera Ring Cycle, since the Metropolitan Opera did it is 1939. Innovative and willing to take on challenges, the Seattle Opera has consistently had the highest per-capita opera attendance in the nation since the 1960s, partially due to its dedication to wooing new audiences. The opera's Adult Education Lectures, performance introductions, and post-show question and answer sessions - in combination with top-notch performances -- have kept so many Seattlelites engaged and interested in the art form that a bigger opera house is currently in the works.
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