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The Tractor
5213 Ballard Ave. NW [ Ballard ] | ph: (206) 789-3599
Slick some Royal Crown in your hair or don your Stetson, and prepare to be entertained by the sounds of classic Americana. The Tractor is Seattle's and rockabilly headquarters, which means you're more likely to see people swing dancing than line dancing. There's live music anywhere from five to seven times a week, with Celtic, Cajun, zydeco, blues, and bluegrass all thrown into the mix. To add to the down-home ambience, The Tractor also serves up BBQ.
Sit & Spin
2219 4th Ave. [ Belltown ] | ph: (206) 441-9484
At Sit & Spin, laundry is no longer a chore, but an excuse for a night out on the town. Stuff your dirty clothes into a machine, and while you're waiting grab a cocktail, dinner, listen to live music, or play a board game. With its kitschy, retro feel and rockin' atomosphere, doing laundry has now become something to add to your social calendar.
Shorty's Coney Island
2222 Second Ave. [ Belltown ] | ph: (206) 441-5449
Shorty's is an arcade for adults who don't really want to be grown-ups. Inside the carnival-like façade one can find the simple creature-comforts of beer, Coney Island hot dogs (they even have a veggie dog with chili and cheese), and vintage pinball and video games. Can you think of a better way to spend your hard earned quarters?
Lava Lounge
2260 2nd Ave. [ Belltown ] | ph: (206) 441-5660
Decorated with tikis and kitschy nautical gear, the Lava Lounge feels like a South Pacific sea shanty. You won't find Zombies or Scorpions here, but the beer and cider flows freely. For added kicks, play a round of shuffleboard in the back. When the weather's right, the outdoor seating is a prime place for people watching.
2212 1st Avenue | ph: (206 ) 441-9600
Belltown is known for its fashionable dining, but Axis stands out, welcoming guests with a bar full of smoothly dressed singles sipping cocktails and finely mixed drinks. Once inside, take a seat in a booth or at a table, and enjoy a simple cuisine of Asian-European bistro fare. The steaks and salmon and squid dishes are highly acclaimed. It's a scene perfect for people-watching, so try to get a spot where you spy on other diners.
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