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Century Ballroom
915 E Pine Street | ph: (206) 324-7263

Hosts a cool range of dance nights and live shows

on a gorgeous hardwood dance floor. Salsa, swing, tango, and even classic waltzes offered for your dancing pleasure. It also hosts live music, including rock, funk, and pop. Probably the best place in Seattle for simply going dancing, without worrying about fitting into a scene.

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1232 Westlake Ave. N. Seattle, WA 98109
ph: (206) 284.1047 | f: (206) 284.7856

Wine and dance in our lounge! With a variety of music, spectacular Lake union views and large hardwood dance floor, dinner and dancing has never been so easy. Our cool contemporary cocktail menu features top-shelf liquor for classic drinks or blended drinks with fresh fruit in our fusion bar. Relax and enjoy the view - let us entertain you!
Polly Esther's Culture Club
332 5th Ave. N. [ Lower Queen Anne ] | ph: (206) 441-1970
You don't have to do the Time Warp to revisit the 70s and 80s. Just go to Polly-Esther's Culture Club in lower Queen Anne for an evening drenched in nostalgia for the days of disco and new wave. If you're not dancing on the Purple Rain or Saturday Night Fever dance floors, grab a drink and check out the interactive Brady Wall or the Partridge Family Bus. On Charlie Angel's Thursdays women get in free!
The Last Supper Club
124 S. Washington [ Pioneer Square ] | ph: (206) 748-9975
The Last Supper Club is where grown up ravers go to party. Although the interior is sophisticated and stylish, the sounds thumping from the dj booths will take you back to the sweaty days of early warehouse parties. Depending on the night and the dance floor, some of the world's best djs spin everything from 70s funk to deep house, acid jazz, drum'n'bass, and trance. Old School house legends, Derrick Carter and DJ Dan, often guest dj here.
I-Spy / Nation
1921 5th Avenue | ph: (206) 374-9492
There's a swank lounge upstairs, where hipsters relax on the couches and order mixed drinks from the bar. Downstairs on the main floor, you'll find a great live music scene, thanks to excellent hip-hop and rock shows, and plenty of room for dancing. Draws a large, extremely varied crowd.
The Vogue
1516 11th Avenue | ph: (206) 324-5778
Sundays are fetish nights at this tightly laid out club imbued with a sexual atmosphere. Be sure you know what you're doing once you get here, because it's a no-nonsense place. Two bars and a raised dance floor, and house, trance, and jungle flood the room. Dress in black to fit in with the dim lighting.
Aristocrats Club
220 S. 4th Avenue | ph: (206) 748-9779
Aristocats Club is a disco club populated by a young, extremely enthusiastic crowd. Depending on the night, the scene can be lively or just plain silly fun, depending on the night. Either way, it's sure to be intriguing.. Go-go blocks, mirror balls, and a flashy ambience make this a first choice for retro-'70s clubbing.
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