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You probably won't find a more purer spa experience than at Spa Bellissima. Dedicated to giving clients a completely organic experience, Spa Bellissima even goes so far as to not offer manicures or hairstyling due to the chemicals they require. In fact, all of the wraps, facials, and massages here utilize organic products. In addition to spa treatments, Spa Bellissima also employs nutritionists, an acupuncturist, and a psychotherapist, so that all mind and body needs can be met.

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2620 2nd Ave.
ph: (206) 956-4156

Jean's Day Spa specializes in massage, wraps, facials, and manicures for both men and women. Choose a la carte or try one of their spa packages. If you don't see a package you like, pick your favorite services from the brochure and custom design one.

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1522 5th Ave. Ste. 201 (Downtown)
ph: (206) 623-0146

Calgon may work, but if you really want to be taken away, try Ummelina. This downtown day spa truly employs a global approach to beauty with salts, muds, oils and herbs from around the world. Select a destination - The Equator or the Pacific Rim, for instance - and your "guide" will lead you on a spa journey through a variety of terrains that will wash, massage, polish, and ultimately refresh you for the everyday world.

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1525 Fourth Ave. (Downtown_
ph: (206) 624-1370 -or-
ph: (800) 663-4SPA

Frenchy's is a casual spa with a fun, shabby-chic appeal to it. The bistro atmosphere makes for the perfect place for a manicure, pedicure, or Decleor facial, and to indulge in a Swedish massage. To take some of the experience home with you, be sure to check out the Bath & Body shop -- where you can score make-up, linens, and home accessories -- before you leave.

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3131 E. Madison Ste. 103
ph: (206) 325-9582

From the changing gallery of artwork that hangs on the wall, to the dedication to physical beauty and well-being, Habitude is all about aesthetics. This quietly hip Aveda spa, is an art space, salon, and spa in one. With inspiring spa names, such as Under a Northern Rainforest and Soaring Above the Sound, it's evident that the artists at Habitude are dedicated to providing patrons with a total experience, rather than just a selection of services.

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5350 Ballard Ave. NW (Ballard)
ph: (206) 782-2898

Since the 1950s people have used sensory deprivation tanks as a way to explore the unconscious mind. Buckminster Fuller did it, as did Aldous Huxley and Timothy Leary. And, now, thanks to FloatZone.Calm the average joe can try it, too.
If the idea of sensory deprivation brings to mind images of secret government tests and bizarre sex rituals, think again. The sensory deprivation tanks at FloatZone are small fiberglass pods that are designed to eliminate all external sound, sight, smell, taste, touch, and gravity. Inside they are filled with 15 inches of saltwater heated to the patron's body temperature. Since the salt content of the water is so high that it is impossible to sink, customers spend their entire time inside the pod floating in a silent, pitch black environment. Sounds kind of nice, doesn't it? Floating proponents claim that time spent inside the pod can help achieve such things as an increase in creativity, a strengthened immune system, and deep meditative states. For anyone yearning for a mind altering experience, floating can't be beat - and it's a heck of a lot safer than LSD.

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1534 NE 100th St.
ph: (206) 286-0268

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