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This locally owned chain of CD and DVD shops carries everything from the common to the difficult to locate. Mainstream music fans and indie connoisseurs alike will come away from here equally satisfied.

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9560 First Ave. NE
ph: (206) 524-3472

Orpheum specializes in independent and local releases, and has become a favorite of local band members and their fans. Meticulously organized into genres and sub-genres, Orpheum takes the frustration out of hunting for vinyl and CDs.

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618 Broadway E.
(Capitol Hill)
ph: (206) 322-6370

We have Earth's biggest selection, including millions of books, CDs, videos and AUCTIONS! Looking for the largest selection of books, music, videos of all kinds of merchandise on sell at AUCTION, We carry millions books and merchandise!

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Check out the coolest new way to save on over 3 million books, CD's, DVD's, music, movies, and video games! We are an innovative marketplace that connects buyers of previously owned books, music, movies and video games. Every item is available immediately for at least half off list price! At, you'll never pay more than half. Check out our free shipping offers.

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