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Circuit City continues to stay on the cutting edge. Today Circuit City boasts over 600 stores and one great website built with you in mind. We strive to offer low, competitive prices, and high service standards. As your one-stop place for electronics -- whether you're looking for a new computer, speakers for your home stereo, a microwave, video games, or TVs -- Circuit City will have it.

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15600 NE 8th Avenue
ph: (425) 747-2949

Best Buy is the number one specialty retailer of consumer electronics, personal computers, entertainment software and appliances in the U.S. With over 1000 retail stores nationwide, we are a veritable electronics superhouse. Our Northgate store has computers, camera equipment, phones, office supplies, music, and movies. The hardest thing is choosing what to buy.

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330 NE Northgate Way
ph: (206) 306-7663

Bose is known for state of the art, design and exceptional quality in audio systems and music entertainment systems. Award winning technology, science and excellence in research and engineering goes into all of our audio products. The Bose product line includes, Bose wave radios, Bose speakers, music speakers, stereo electronics, home audio systems, home theaters, CD Systems, surround sound car stereos, Bose noise-reduction products and much more.

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This is one of the many Radio Shack outlets in the Puget Sound area. RadioShack is the #1 specialty electronics retailer in the United States. We have more than 7,100 company and dealer-owned stores nationally. All stores are renowned for a plentiful supply of small electronics gear: cables, phones, small stereos, TVs, and a few computers. Our aim is to demystify technology for the mass market by providing useful products and services, staffed knowledgeable people

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1523 3rd Avenue
ph: (206) 682-7980

HiFi.COM is one of the best electronics stores on the internet. An online retailer of home theater speakers, home audio, portable electronics, multimedia, accessories, and electronics, features top quality brands.

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