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Although we're not living on the moon, accompanied by robotic pets, and zipping along in airborne cars, we do have the privilege of a store that the Jetsons would be proud of - The Sharper Image. You don't have to be a techie to appreciate the futuristic wares at this store, just a desire to see technology working to make everyday life a little easier. At this gadget store extraordinaire, the stock ranges from the practical to the outlandish. Convenience is the key to the items here. For instance, why trim those pesky nose and ear hairs with scissors, when the sleek, Turbo Groomer can do the job with 6,000 rpms of cutting power? Don't have anything to do while sitting in morning traffic? Plug the handy Commuter Shaver into your dashboard power socket and shave away. The Sharper Image also makes pet ownership more enjoyable with items like the Mega Deluxe Littermaid, a motorized litter box that rakes and scoops Fluffy's waste into a disposable liner. The motion sensitive Pet Peeve will play back a voice command (i.e. "Get off the couch!") everytime it senses Fido's presence. With plenty of other gadgets, from vacuum cleaners to dive watches, The Sharper Image is sure to keep us occupied until it's time to move to a lunar colony.

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1501 4th Ave.
ph: (206) 343-9125

When a Chihuly is out of reach, don't let a desire for fine glass art go unsatisfied. At Vetri, the selection of studio glass artists is extensive and the work is exquisite. The gallery prides itself on showcasing innovative work at accessible prices, and on this promise they truly deliver. The handpicked artists come from all over the world and exhibit a range of styles. There are fun pieces such as the series of glass hats (each with its own metal hat stand) by Brian Benno, the kitschy Mexican icon inspired pieces by Einar and Jamex De La Torre, and Robert Miller's brilliant blown glass ducks. Vetri also carries traditional items, such as vases, bowls, and jewelery - all unique, and with a high art ethic. Stand outs include Nancy Callan's Genie Lamps, murrine cups by Campagnol & Salvadore, and the deco inspired, kiln formed, flat cast glass creations of Doug Randall.

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1404 1st Ave.
ph: (206) 667-9608

Fireworks Gallery sells "fine crafts," which means they don't sell the kind of handmade artifacts that you'll find at the Puyallip Fair. So, if the word "craft" brings to mind anthropomorphic bonnet-wearing ducks or cutesy country proverbs - think again. You see, these are crafts for the 21st Century. Featuring the works of nearly 300 artists, Fireworks has a motley mix of functional and decorative items that are bold, artsy and fun. There are fanciful handpainted tables, funky ceramic dishes, hip Judaica, and imaginative children's wear. This is your place for handmade, American crafts that aren't countrified.

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400 Pine St.
(Westlake Center, Downtown)
ph: (206) 682-6462


210 First Ave S.
(Pioneer Square, Downtown)
ph: (206) 682-8707

(Also at: Bellevue Square and at the University Village Mall)

Whether you prefer traditional or modern styling, live in an arts and crafts bungalow or share a tiny dorm room, chances are high that you could fill up a shopping cart pretty fast at Bed, Bath & Beyond. With two giant floors crowded with home accessories and décor items, the tricky part of shopping here is reigning yourself in. The wonderful (and torturous) thing about Bed, Bath & Beyond is that not only do they carry hundreds of items - from basic household objects such as ironing board covers and bathroom rugs to kitchen electronics, window treatments, and picture frames - but they carry many brands and styles of each item. It doesn't matter if you're looking for a shower curtain or something to organize the closet with, be prepared to be overwhelmed in a wonderful way.

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1930 3rd Ave.
ph: (206) 448-7905

Fleurish owner, Nisha Kelen, is a favorite florist of reigning home décor queen, Martha Stewart. Her exclusive floral design studio prides itself on creating tasteful flower arrangements for special events and corporate clients, and, although her studio is run on an appointment only basis (she is willing to work over the phone, too) will also design individual arrangements for when the cookie-cutter work of FTD just won't do.

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1411 34th Ave.
ph: (206) 322-1602

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