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As its name suggests, Made In Washington is a celebration of all things Washingtonian. At this supreme gift shop, anything and everything that screams "Washington" can be found on the shelves. For the gourmand, the shop is teeming with such goodies as alderwood smoked salmon, marion berry jam, and chocolate truffles infused with northwest peppermint oil. Art connoisseurs can find blown glass pieces from Pilchuk and locally made ceramics. Yet, what makes Made In Washington so great is that its wares go beyond the ordinary. Take, for instance, the green chocolate slug suckers, or the sparkling earrings made from Mt. St. Helen's ash. And, if all the humans on your list are taken care of, you can always pick up some tasty salmon treats made especially for Fido.

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400 Pine St.
(Westlake Center, Downtown)
ph: (206) 632-9753


1530 Post Alley
ph: (206) 467-0788

(Also at: Bellevue Square, Gilman Village, Alderwood Mall, Northgate Mall, and Southcenter Mall)

Fireworks Gallery sells "fine crafts," which means they don't sell the kind of handmade artifacts that you'll find at the Puyallip Fair. So, if the word "craft" brings to mind anthropomorphic bonnet-wearing ducks or cutesy country proverbs - think again. You see, these are crafts for the 21st Century. Featuring the works of nearly 300 artists, Fireworks has a motley mix of functional and decorative items that are bold, artsy and fun. There are fanciful handpainted tables, funky ceramic dishes, hip Judaica, and imaginative children's wear. This is your place for handmade, American crafts that aren't countrified.

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400 Pine St.
(Westlake Center, Downtown)
ph: (206) 682-6462


210 First Ave S.
(Pioneer Square, Downtown)
ph: (206) 682-8707

(Also at: Bellevue Square and at the University Village Mall)

Hammacher Schlemmer offers one of the most unique and innovative collections of products available anywhere in the world and assures customers of the highest quality. Hammacher Schlemmer means shopping from one of the most unique and innovative collections of gifts and products available. We sell the unique and unexpected, including gifts with style, sports and leisure, apparel, personal care, home and office and products for children.

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Although we're not living on the moon, accompanied by robotic pets, and zipping along in airborne cars, we do have the privilege of a store that the Jetsons would be proud of - The Sharper Image. You don't have to be a techie to appreciate the futuristic wares at this store, just a desire to see technology working to make everyday life a little easier. At this gadget store extraordinaire, the stock ranges from the practical to the outlandish. Convenience is the key to the items here. For instance, why trim those pesky nose and ear hairs with scissors, when the sleek, Turbo Groomer can do the job with 6,000 rpms of cutting power? Don't have anything to do while sitting in morning traffic? Plug the handy Commuter Shaver into your dashboard power socket and shave away. The Sharper Image also makes pet ownership more enjoyable with items like the Mega Deluxe Littermaid, a motorized litter box that rakes and scoops Fluffy's waste into a disposable liner. The motion sensitive Pet Peeve will play back a voice command (i.e. "Get off the couch!") everytime it senses Fido's presence. With plenty of other gadgets, from vacuum cleaners to dive watches, The Sharper Image is sure to keep us occupied until it's time to move to a lunar colony.

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1501 4th Ave.
ph: (206) 343-9125

So, when was the last time your local bakery won the prize for "Best Cupcake with Testicles"? Probably not ever, unless you've been shopping at The Erotic Bakery - an infamous Seattle shop where the cake case could double as a peepshow. World renowned for baking innovations that include the ability to build three-dimensional marzipan … ahem … sculptures on top of their cakes, The Erotic Bakery is the ultimate bachelor/bachelorette party headquarters. If flat is your thing, they also have the technology to create edible photos. And, for the more prurient consumer, ready-made and custom cake work is available in G-rated party themes, as well.

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2323 N. 45th St. (Wallingford)
ph: (206) 545-6969

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