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Environmental Home Center
1724 4th Ave. [ SoDo ] | ph: (206) 682-7332 or  
(800) 281-9785

The Environmental Home Center functions as a Home Depot for the environmentally conscious. What began as a small, local company has blossomed into a national distributor of green building supplies and household products. With sterling standards that take price,

performance and aesthetics as seriously as a product's commitment to preserving health, energy, and natural resources, the Environmental Home Center makes it easy for customers to reduce environmental damage when undertaking projects of any size. In fact, the Center does such an extraordinarily good job of keeping track of the products it endorses, any item that becomes less environmentally sound is immediately dropped. Designed to meet the needs of homeowners, architects, and builders alike, customers can find everything from sustainable lumber to biodegradable cleaning supplies.

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BodyMind Academy
120th Ave. NE Ste. K. [ Bellevue ] | ph: (425) 635-0145
This state licensed vocational school offers certification in a variety of wellness specialties. Through their extensive programs, students can earn a certificate in massage, shiatsu, breathwork, counseling hypnotherapy, or fitness and nutrition. In a time when wellness therapies are widely embraced, a certificate from this school may be worth more than a technical degree.
The Vajra
518 Broadway E. [ Capitol Hill ] | ph: (206) 323-7846
The Vajra stocks everything one needs to reach nirvana. Stocked with incense, essential and precious oils, meditation cushions, sandalwood bead strands, and meditation handbooks, The Vajra is an outfitter for spiritual adventurers - or anyone who just wants to smell like one. For customers with concerns about their journey, intuitive tarot readings are available at $35.00 a pop.
Dandelion Botanical
708 N. 34th St. [ Fremont ] | ph: (206) 545-4869
The menu at this natural apothecary shop shows an exhaustive list of organic and ethically wildcrafted source botanicals. Bulk herbs are abundant, as are Ayurvedic, Chinese, and homeopathic herbs. Dandelion also sells Nag Champa and Sage incense, potpourri herbs, flower waters, essential oils, and massage oils. It doesn't matter whether you need something to clear up a medical condition, or just want a sweet smelling oil to rub onto your body - it's all here.
Stonehouse Bookstore & Growth Center
12600 NE 85th St. [ Kirkland ] | ph: (425) 889-5106
Stonehouse recognizes that spiritual and personal growth occurs in a vast number of ways, and, at its center, has provided a myriad of resources to nurture individuals along their way. In addition to a comprehensive bookstore that covers everything from world religions, to earth spirituality and holistic health, this non-profit organization is home to therapists and counselors, naturopathic physicians, resident massage practitioners, and a full schedule of classes. The calendar of programs includes classes and workshops in movement, health and healing, relationships, spirituality, and animals and nature, and includes such innovative offerings as Spiritual Divorce, Conscious Dreaming, and Stress Free Living. Regardless of whether you need Feng Shui, a good massage, or the ability to communicate with your pet, Stonehouse can help.
1530 First Ave. [ Downtown ] | ph: (206) 467-7745
Eco-Elements is equally dedicated to both the outside environment and inner spirituality. Everything stocked here is either a spiritual resource or tool, or dedicated to the environment. There are natural bath and body items, candles, crystals, runes and rune sets, pendulums, and tarot cards. Eco-Elements also keeps tarot and palm readers, astrologers, psychics, feng shui and yoga specialists on hand. Because they are supportive of such non-profit organizations as the Sea Shepherd Conservation Agency, PAWS, and the Center for Whale Research, as well as conscientious vendors, customers of Eco-Elements can be sure that their purchase will do more than line the pockets of the shop owners.
East West Bookshop
6500 Roosevelt Way NE [ University District ] | ph: (206) 253-3726
This non-profit organization established by members of the meditation and yoga based spiritual community, ANANDA, is a resource center on spiritual and metaphysical traditions from around the globe. The broad selection of titles found here range from books on ancient civilizations to tracts on Kabbalah, palmistry, and Sikhism. In addition to reading material, the East West Bookshop also hosts events on a variety of holistic and metaphysical topics from How to Meet Your Spirit Guides to India Unveiled. In-house specialists are also available to give metaphysical readings, counseling, and consultations.
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