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Bastyr Center for Natural Health
1307 N 45th St. | ph: (206) 834-4100

As part of the renowned Bastyr University, the Center for Natural Health gives student clinicians (alongside practicing naturopathic physicians) the opportunity to

gain valuable hands-on experience, while giving Seattlelites an opportunity to receive affordable natural medicine and alternative healthcare. In addition to naturopaths, the Center staffs specialists in Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, and nutritionists. A special Wellness Clinic for patients with HIV and AIDS is also in operation.

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Tenzing Momo
93 Pike St. [ Pike Place Market ] | ph: (206) 623-9837 or  (800) 365-9682
Named after a Tibetan saint, whose name is translated as "food of the gods," Tenzing Momo is the oldest herb store on the west coast. In addition to over 500 herbs, the shop also stocks essential oils, incense, teas, bath products, and alternative health products, such as ear candles, diet phen, and DHEA.
Agape Acupuncture
5404 Meridian Ave. N. | ph: (206) 547-4064, Ext. 6
For thousands of years people have allowed themselves to be poked with needles in order to cure and prevent medical disorders. At Agape, Manu Saxena -- who specializes in acupuncture treatments for allergies, emotional problems, neuromuskuloskeletal and pediatric disorders -- can poke you the traditional Chinese way, or in the Japanese Manaka and Toyo Hari styles. Needle phobic? Don't worry. Acupuncture needles are much smaller than traditional medical needles and a skilled acupuncturist can insert them with virtually no pain.
Applied Health & Bodyworks
2225 Queen Anne Ave. N. [ Upper Queen Anne ] | ph: (206) 378-1712
Applied Health & Bodyworks markets itself as a neighborhood wellness center. Its small staff presents workshops on health and fitness, including massage, ergonomics, pilates, and strength training. They also provide personal training services and specific workshops geared for pregnant and senior populations. Attending several workshops here may save you a trip to the doctor later on.
Jai-Ma Yoga Studio
323 Queen Anne Ave. N. Ste. 3 [ Lower Queen Anne ] | ph: (206) 283-9393
Jai-Ma features yoga and pilates classes, as well as ear, acupuncture, and meditation clinics. However, what sets it apart from other yoga studios is its inclusion of Muay Thai - an ancient Asian battlefield skill that incorporates boxing and kickboxing techniques.
1534 NE 100th St. | ph: (206) 286-0268
Since the 1950s people have used sensory deprivation tanks as a way to explore the unconscious mind. Buckminster Fuller did it, as did Aldous Huxley and Timothy Leary. And, now, thanks to FloatZone.Calm the average joe can try it, too. If the idea of sensory deprivation brings to mind images of secret government tests and bizarre sex rituals, think again. The sensory deprivation tanks at FloatZone are small fiberglass pods that are designed to eliminate all external sound, sight, smell, taste, touch, and gravity. Inside they are filled with 15 inches of saltwater heated to the patron's body temperature. Since the salt content of the water is so high that it is impossible to sink, customers spend their entire time inside the pod floating in a silent, pitch black environment. Floating proponents claim that time spent inside the pod can help achieve such things as an increase in creativity, a strengthened immune system, and deep meditative states. For anyone yearning for a mind altering experience, floating can't be beat - and it's a heck of a lot safer than LSD.
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