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Alki Beach
1702 Alki Ave. SW | ph: (206) 684.7457
If you leave the main part of Seattle and journey to West Seattle, some wonderful things can be discovered. Alki is probably the most wonderful. Situated at the crest of the peninsula, it draws hosts of visitors for its views of the downtown skyline and the islands that dot the Puget Sound. The relatively secluded setting gives you the chance to rollerblade, jog, play volleyball, or just lounge around.
Museum of Flight
9404 E. Marginal Way S. | ph: (206) 764.5700
Seattle's status as the home of Boeing has resulted in the development of many of the most important airplanes right here in Puget Sound. A sampling of those planes is found within the Museum of Flight. They include the first Boeing planes, used to carry mail around Seattle, '50s and '60s-era jet fighters, and the Air Force One plane used by Nixon and Ford. But, there are too many planes to describe here, so you'll have to make a visit to look over the dozens of planes.
Green Lake
7201 E. Green Lake Dr. N. | ph: (206) 684.4075
Urban joggers crowd Green Lake in search of a scenic, comfortable place for evening exercise. The trail around the lake, at 2.8 miles, is ideally sized for jogging, walking, or strolling. Take a boat out on the lake, or, use the pool facilities and athletic fields at the east side of the lake. A plentiful choice of cafes, restaurants, and shops give visitors plenty of entertainment options.
University of Washington
The superbly designed landscape of the University of Washington gives visitors a number of recreational choices. Meany Theater hosts concerts and dance events, the Henry Art Gallery has a superb exhibition of modern art, and you can watch plays at one of three different playhouses. Or, just stroll through the neo-Gothic campus, with the Quad and Drumheller Fountain, as two special highlights. The east side of campus, on the shores of Lake Washington, are perfect for sporting events, renting canoes out on the lake, or recreation on the Burke-Gilman Trail. Meanwhile, the U-Village and U-District shopping possibilities are endless.
Underground Tour
600 First Ave. [ Pioneer Square ] | ph: (206) 682-4646 or  (888) 608-6337
Equal parts creepy and compelling, Seattle's Underground Tour takes visitors into the dusky caverns beneath current-day Pioneer Square where a part of the old city of Seattle used to exist. Led by humorous tour guides, this is an entertaining and offbeat way to learn a little about Seattle's colorful past. This tour isn't for the squeamish, though. The terrain can be a little difficult, the atmosphere a bit dusty, and some tour members have reported seeing a ghost in the area called The Vault.
EMP (Experience Music Project)
325 5th Ave. N. [ Lower Queen Anne ] | ph: (206) 770-2700
Another example of Microsoft millionaire Paul Allen's hip and quirky sense of philanthropy, the Experience Music Project is a tribute to rock 'n' roll like no other. Designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry, who garnered inspiration for the monolith by examining and cutting up electric guitars, the controversial building houses a collection of Hendrix memorabilia that would turn the Hard Rock Café green with envy. But that's just the beginning.

The operative words in the museum's name are "Experience Music" and that's exactly what Paul Allen wants visitors to do. With Mtv-esque performance spaces, a Sound Lab where visitors can jam on provided instruments and play with music technology, and computer assisted tours, The Experience Music Project is truly a museum that knows how to use multi-media to the fullest extent. In addition to the tech savvy displays, the museum runs a full schedule of music-related films, live performances, workshops, and panel discussions that are open to the public.
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